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Product Rewards

 Hi welcome to our site.Let me start by saying vmms home warranties is committed to bringing  you the products you need to keep your  home running smooth. We now  will pay you a reward when you sign up. To show our appreciation for owning  our products. We take to hart your need for good reliable products. Vmms home warranties now pay's rewards to our customers. Yes we value  you we no it's not easy these days. Every three months vmms  will send you a check  for  owning our product. How many products you own that pays you back not many.That's what having you as a customer means to us. Having extra money can help with a lot of extra house hold bills. When you sign up for any of our services you are  eligible  for our reward program. Call for free quote.When ever you buy a product you should get the service you pay for.At vmms it don't matter how small the problem is or sometimes it might have nothing to do with your coverage. if we can help you we be glad to lend a hand. When we say you're covered we mean you are covered. 

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