IN 2006 The owner of vmms had a vision.To make home repairs affordable for every one. Which can be hard to do with the current economy and cost of living. We have three budget friendly plans to chose from.

Imagine... It's the beginning the month and all of your bills are now due !.... Looks good! You finally got all your bills covered! You can breath easy again!?                                                                                                                                                            Then...It happens!!! your water heater dies or it's the coldest  day of the winter and your heating system quits, or a pipe under the house just burst, you're sitting in the dark because the breaker box that you been meaning to get serviced just shorted out for the last time. What about the neighbor's star player hit's a home run through the front window!!... sounds familiar? Any of these could happen, especially at the wrong time!  What will you do? How would you pay for it?You need help right now!! You could...

(A)  Put off paying some of you're monthly bills? .... Which would put you behind again. No good!

(B)  Apply for a loan at your bank?...With today's high interest rates? Also not a good ideal!

(C) Why not check into a payday  advance or title loan?...Because you would owe three times what you borrowed and risk losing your vehicle!!! More stress!

If you were suddenly faced with any one of these repairs do you know how much it would cost . For a plumber, electrician,carpenter,or heating & cooling company to do the repairs? Let's do the math....( ( Estimation only) )  

(1) Service call fee....$100.00-  $120.00> Just to come and evaluate!

(2) Labor rates....$80.00 - $100.00>an hour ((if)) It only takes (3) hours it would already cost you$300.00 or more

(3) Parts and materials....$ varies - a lot! Which in most cases it will be marked up to 3 times their original price!

So, now that you've paid $ 500.00 for one repair, Wouldn't it make more sense to pay that same amount for a full year of not having to worry about it??