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Receiving those late night calls when there is a problem at your property.That is one of the impotant parts of having a property management service.We provide other time saving services as well.

Takeing care of teanants security deposits. Puting them in a escrow account

Taking care of teanants move in and move out reports including inspections.Plus taking care of all maintenance

  Provide online account access for owners .It helps them keep track of whats going on with there property.

Provide online documents and reports for owners to review any time they need to..

Make all deposites of rent proceeds in to owners account by the tenth of the month..

24 hour maintenance reporting service.

Interior and exterior inspections every month and a written report and pictures for owners.

Schedule all repairs first approved by owners

Pay all repair fees / Taxes and morgage payments

Do moveout inspections and damage reports.And charges to teanant if any.

Prepare property for new movein.

Oversee any court action and fees against teanant

Prepair all of the end of the year documents includeing 1099/

End goal making sure teanants live in a clean safe well maintained enviroment

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