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Clogged Dryer Vents  No#1 Cause of House Fires

Are you prepared  for a fire?  what will you do first ? Most fires can be prevented .  Can you spot a fire hazard ? Vmms home warranties make sure your house  have working smoke detectors /carbon monoxide detectors.  We make sure your  home has an easy escape route to safety  encase of  a fire. The sad truth is hundreds of people die in house fires every month. Most of them don't have early warning systems in there home. The other half  don't  have an escape route.Vmms home warranties make sure you have  an escape route an early warning  systems installed in your home. In the middle of the nite if a fire started how would you get out to safety? how will your love ones  get  out?.Fire safety is a serious matter. always check  appliances  electrical  outlets  breakers  drier vents.  Make sure every window in your home open with ease. check smoke detectors carbon monoxide detectors. If you  need any help  call vmms home warranties . We will be more than happy to help.

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