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About vmms home warranties

Vmms home warranties under stand that life is full of mishaps. Things go wrong when you are not expecting them to. Thats why we are here to make thing better to help keep your life balanced.

Our Mission

 Our mission is simple it is to help you keep your home and ingood working condition.Give you the best quality service we can .in which makes your life very simple . 



When you join our family we become apart of yours so when you are not happy we are not happy. so we do every thing in our power to keep you happy. 

Ray Davis  product control making sure you get the right products you need when you need them.

Jane kellog  Working day in day out to make sure all your problems are taking care of .

Meet the Team

I purchased my vmms home warranty in 2009 its one of the things that never lose value. and i still own it today


Anna R.

I Have had some of the worst luck. In dece my water heater went out in jan my heat pump stop working. thank god for vmms home warranty .They came right out and fix my water heater and my heat didnt cost me one cent extra


Melanie P.

Itell all my friends about vmms home warranty .over the past six years they have taken care of my home and give me good advice.when i need it.if my home could talk it would say thank you very much for your great service.


Paul C.

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